A good time management

A Good Time Management

While doing a work it is necessary to complete the work in the given time so that you can enjoy the organized day! and you can do rest of your work according to your plan and for that, you will need a good time management.

Here are some tips to complete your work on time-

1) Bound your time

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For a good time management you will need to create a deadline for a particular work and do your best to complete the work within the time limit, at first you will face some problems in finishing the work within the time but, by continue doing this practice you will observe that your efficiency has increased.

When I started doing this I found difficult to complete the task in the given time but practising the activity for about a month, it I noticed that this technique really works!

2) Find the perfect time

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Most probably you have listened to this “don’t wait for the time, it will never be perfect” but that is not true all the time.You should observe your daily routine for about 2 days carefully and you should observe the time in which you feel energetic and your mood is best and if you are successful in finding that, great!

That is the most precious time you will get in a day you should do the work which is most important for you to do!

3) Cut all sources of interruptions

most important a good time management

more interruption=low productivity

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Cut all sources of interruptions means everything including your mobile, laptop or your music system.

Try to focus fully in your work and trust me if you do cut all interruption you will really see a big difference and most important you should never pick up a phone call during the work because once you open it the magic of marketing will force you to use it.

4) Have some motivation

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No one does a work for free even you yourself.Think of a reward that you will get after completing the work it might be chocolate or anything that will force you to do the work

5)Find a particular space

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Do work in a fixed place it may be your bedroom or anywhere you find comfortable and by doing this when you visit the place next time your mind will automatically get prepared for the work and slowly you will find more comfortable and easy to work.

you have to listen toed the quote that time is money but it is not true, time is more precious than money because everyone in this world has got equal time but some of them have become a millionaire and some billionaire and that’s just because of a good time management.

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